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We inform all the fans that the Big Auction in the “Greatest Race in the Atlantic” begins, the most spectacular race of the last years. These pigeons that are auctioned have been shown to be unique.

They have made the Great Crossing in the Atlantic in a distance of 400 km to the Loft and in strong meteorological conditions, they have obviously demonstrated that they are of pure race. Its genetic conditions for breeding are excellent.

As at the time it was announced all participants in the 16/17 Series have an additional free pigeon and all that pigeons came to him in the Final another additional free. For this new Series 17/18 the equipment will be the same as the series 16/17.

We have had the opportunity to contract the services of a new Platform of auctions and sales of pigeon, that focuses its project in the exchange from the Continent towards the Islands of the Atlantic and vice versa.

Gran Canaria One Loft Race wishes everyone good luck

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